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Thurston County Collective Bargaining Agreement

Contact:Phone: (360) 786-5498 Thanks for leaving a message. Your call will be returned within 24 hours. Fax: (360) 357-2489E-Mail: HR@co.thurston.wa.usWA RELAY: 711 or 1-800-833-6388 1.  Correctional officers also do not claim a violation of their collective agreement. 3 Prison officers are subject to a collective agreement that sets out their regular salaries and amounts for additional wages, including overtime, compensation period, special remuneration, supervision and leave allowances.   If prison officers earn additional slavish fees above their regular salary, they must present the form to the county at the end of each month.   Der Landkreis nimmt dann die zus-tzliche Verg-tung in die nechsten Gehaltschecks der Korrektoren auf, die der Landkreis am Ende des folgenden Monats aus aus aus. 4 The correctors do not dispute that the county paid them all the wages, both regular and additional, due under the collective agreement.1 On the contrary, they claim that the county violated Washington`s wage and hourly laws by paying additional wages and filing additional compensation forms the following month after the correctors earned them. 3.

RCW 36.45.010 states that “all claims against a county must be made in the manner described in Chapter 4.96 rcW.” Chapter 4.96 RCW states that “filing a claim within the statutory time limit is a precondition for the initiation of an action for damages.”  RCW 4.96.010 (1). The human resources department`s mission is to build partnerships for our shared success. To do this, the department develops and manages programs and services that support the success of the county`s mission and contribute to thurston County`s goals. The services we offer are: 5 corrective agents confirm that they did not first submit their claims to the county before filing their complaint with the Supreme Court.  9 Prison officers argue that their rights under Chapters 49.46 RCW (minimum wage), 49.48 RCW (payment and recovery of wages) and 49.52 RCW (wage deductions and contributions) are based on status and are therefore not subject to the requirements of RCW 36.45,010 and Chapter 4.96 RCW, That they must first file their claims with the county before taking legal action.3 Prison officers also argue that the county violated the wage and hours laws cited by illegally delaying their additional earnings up to one month after the salary.4  The Legislature in Washington has passed a comprehensive system of wage and hourly laws to ensure payment of wages and create legal remedies for workers who have been unfairly deprived of decent wages. Seattle Prof`l Eng Employees Ass n v. Boeing Co., 139 Wash.2d 824, 830, 991 P.2d 1126 (2000).   Under these laws, workers can: (1) recover compensation equal to the legal minimum wage, Chapter 49.46 RCW, if their employer does not pay;  (2) Wages payable at the time of termination of their employment relationship, Chapter 49.48 RCW;  and (3) the wages wrongly withheld by the employer, Chapter 49.52 RCW. Seattle Prof`l Eng`g, 139 Wash.2d at 830-31, 991 p.2d 1126.  12 RCW 49.52.070 does not offer legal recourse for the county`s alleged “delay” in paying overtime and other additional wages until the next pay date, After the correctors deserve them.5 So even looking at the facts, we are in the most favorable light for the correctors,6 that the corrective agents cannot prove that the county violated RCW 49.52.070.