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Subcontractor Agreement Alberta

Our independent contract lawyers assist you with the following aspects of employer/employee/contracting contracts: If you are a contractor or subcontractor, you can qualify for your own WCB account. The potential for liability depends on the status of the contractor or subcontractor you hire and whether or not they have coverage. The table below shows whether you are responsible for the coverage of the contractors or subcontractors you hire: It is important to remember that it is illegal for you to deduct the cost of the work allowance of your employees, contractors and subcontractors, in accordance with Section 139 of the Workers` Compensation Act. Both the worker/contractor and the employer may be penalized under Canadian tax laws if the Canada Revenue Agency considers an employment relationship to be an employment relationship against contractors. That is part of the reason why independent contractual agreements are so important. Employee risk involves higher personal taxes in the form of: Independent contract contracts are becoming more frequent, especially in an economy as dynamic as Alberta. When a person works for a company, person or company, he or she can act as an employee or as an independent contractor. Employment contracts and independent contract contracts include both advantages and disadvantages. The appropriate framework for each situation depends on the specifics and intent of the parties to the agreements.

If the choice as a contractor works, it is important to design the agreement correctly. At Kahane Law Firm, our labour law clients help clients develop appropriate independent contract contracts tailored to your unique situation. Given the risks associated with independent contracting agreements, it is essential that you get the right legal advice in advance and “open-eyed.” Our lawyers are here to verify, design or negotiate the terms of your agreement, to ensure that you are protected during and during the conclusion of your relationship. If you or your company hires a contractor or subcontractor without a WCB-Alberta cover, you may be responsible for paying premiums on their behalf if they are injured. Providing coverage not only protects the worker, but also protects your company from possible legal action. In Canada, the employer/contracting status test has developed over time with a series of hearings and court proceedings. While no factor plays a key role, the definition of worker status depends on the diversity of factors that follow. Independent contractor agreements help define roles explicitly and in advance.

However, these are just examples and are just a few of the factors. Many other factors come into play, and a proper assessment by a work lawyer helps to avoid problems along the way. For example, at the end of the tendering process, we will develop an agreement based on some parts of the above information and additional documents: Our labour law team includes lawyers who are willing to assist with all aspects of labour and labour law, including all components of independent awardees contracts.