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Redis Source Available License Agreement

An open source license cannot prevent any use, otherwise it would no longer be an open source license. The Commons Clause, created by Fossa, Inc., is an addendum to an open source software license that prevents users from selling the software. Under the combined license, the software is available at source, but not open-source. [2] This change does not affect the redis basic license, which is and will always be licensed BSD 3-Clause. Unlike many other open source database companies, we have created a committed team (led by Salvatore Sanfilippo, the creator of Redis) that manages the Redis core completely independently. In addition, we chose not to restrict the functionality of open source redis by moving the basic components to closed sources. Therefore, open source repeats contain all the ingredients needed to run a distributed database system – replication, automatic switching, data resistance and aggregation. The company has therefore chosen to create its own license instead: Redis Source Licle Available License (RSAL) will apply for Redis modules that work in addition to open source redis. Why can you control who makes a compatible part? Do you want your car company to maximize sales by not allowing you to buy anything other than new manufacturing parts installed by their technicians? Let`s do it better, powered by gas purchased at a station that is ready to give a kickback to the manufacturer. Perhaps to license the design of the pump connection. If you need specific errors to your systems or need special feature Red Hat is always there to help, because many open source software developers are also employees of Red Hat. The BeeGFS source code is publicly available on their website[31] and that is why they claim that BeeGFS is an “open source” software; Indeed, it is not because this license prohibits the distribution of modified versions of the software.

a license with these conditions does not correspond to any definition of open source or free software. If that`s what you want, go ahead, but if you have a free license, you already agree that someone can use your software for profit as long as it meets the licensing conditions. You may or may not agree with this condition, but adding these types of restrictions/requirements also means that you no longer do open source or free software. We want to give developers free access to our Redis Modules source code – including the rights to edit it, integrate it into their applications and distribute or sell their applications freely. As this would not be possible with a closed source license, we decided to use the RSAL more permissive. Each Redis distribution file, with the exception of the third-party files listed below, contains the following license: “RSAL grants the vast majority of users equivalent rights to open source free licenses,” says Shoolman. The truth is that if we built software like most people today, we couldn`t afford open-source software.… Redis Labs has abandoned the addition of Commons Clause in addition to the Apache license in favour of a new source code license available: Redis Source Available License.