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Canada Bc Elcc Agreement

6.2 Canada and British Columbia agree to work together and with stakeholders to develop common quality measures and outcomes that could be integrated in future bilateral agreements that could strengthen the long-term vision of the framework. 4.7.2 In the event that the second payment to British Columbia is less than the amount due to British Columbia pursuant to Section 4, Canada undertakes to pay as soon as possible the amount of British Columbia that will be awaiting a reciprocal written agreement between the parties. 5.2.3 By mutual agreement, Canada, with advance notice and opportunity to verify and comment on it, may include, in whole or in part, the B.C. Annual Report, as described in 5.2.2 a), in any public report that Canada or British Columbia may prepare for their own purposes, including all reports to Parliament or reports that may be published. Federal, regional and regional ministers, who are most responsible for early childhood education and child care, agree on the importance of helping parents, families and communities in their efforts to ensure the best possible future for their children. For more details on this agreement, see the multilateral framework for early learning and child care. 9.2 Canada will make available to the public the current early learning and child care agreements with all provinces and territories, including potential amendments, by publishing them on the Government of Canada website 13.1 This agreement, including Schedules 1 and 2, includes the entire agreement reached by the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. 7.3 The parties agree to inform each other, ten days in advance, of the proposed public communications regarding the framework, bilateral agreements and investment results of this agreement. 3.2.1 Canada is committed to the annual allocation for the period 2020-21 to 2027-28 not less than the annual allocation of this current agreement. Funding for the coming years will be provided with the renewal of bilateral agreements, which will be conditional on Canada adopting new action plans and informing the results of the Phase 2 results evaluation.